Virtual Book Talks is a division of Math Journeys, a company that also offers face-to-face staff development for teachers K-5, math coaches, lead teachers, and school administrators K-8.  Gwendolyn Best, one of the founders of the company, began facilitating  virtual book talks for her colleagues in Suffolk, VA.    Those book talks helped teachers increase their understanding of instructional initiatives they were responsible for implementing in their classrooms.  As teachers read each chapter of the book, they would log on and share their reflections on the benefits of and challenges related to the implementation of the strategies in their classrooms.   Along the way, teachers combined their readings, reflections, and ideas that resulted from collaborating with others to formulate an implementation plan. 

We hope you decide to join us.     Book talks last for six, seven, or eight weeks.  The length of a book talk is determined by the length of the book.  Registration is a two-step process. 

Step 1:  Register–Sign up HERE.     

Step 2 :  Make Payment by the Due Date.    

 You will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the required activities of the Virtual Book Talk.  Click HERE to visit the Virginia Department of Education guidelines on licensure renewal.   

Virtual Booktalks are affordable  at $40 per participant.   Principals or school division administrators may wish to assist with the cost for individuals, teams, or groups of teachers.   Click HERE to dowload a letter about Virtual Booktalks to submit to an administrator with your request for funding.

If you have any questions, please send Gwen an e-mail.        gwen@mathjourneys.com

Virtual Book Talk Policies:  Individual Registration

1. Payment should be made by mail or online  by the due date posted at virtualbooktalks.com
2. Payments are accepted after the due date if space is available.  To inquire about available space, email info@mathjourneys.com.
3. If you decide not to participate once your payment has been made, a refund of 50% ($20) can be processed.  In lieu of a refund, a participant may request a certificate to participate in a booktalk at a later date (within 18 months).  Refunds are available up to 14 days after the booktalk begins.


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About Us

Our goal is to provide an experience that leads to meaningful professional growth for teachers and groups of educators K-8 who want to grow in their knowledge and practice of math pedagogy and use what they learn to impact the students and teachers in their schools.

Gwendolyn Best earned her M.Ed. in Mathematics Education in 1995, and uses her experience as an online facilitator for University of Phoenix, PBS Teacherline, Virginia Teacherline, and WHRO to help you sharpen your skills as a teacher of mathematics in elementary and middle school classrooms.

We look forward to working with you. Contact Gwen at gwen@mathjourneys.com