Private Booktalks

We will gladly set up a private booktalk for a group of teachers or math specialists from one school or school division. If you want a space dedicated to all of your third grade teachers or all of your math coaches, we can take care of that for you.

We also accept purchase orders from schools or groups to reserve seats in our currently scheduled booktalks.   Groups of teachers from your school can exchange ideas with other educators from around the state.   Download a registration form in Word or PDF.

Number of Teachers


10 or fewer


11 – 20


21 – 25


The term Professional Learning Community (PLC) is more than a buzzword for us. At Math Journeys, we know that a PLC is made up of educators who are intentional in their efforts to grow professionally so that their students are the recipeints of  learning experiences that are ever-increasing in quality.   We want to assist you in that ongoing effort.

Virtual Booktalks provide an opportunity for teachers to link instructional strategies to math content with the ultimate goal of impacting how teachers connect theory and practice. In addition, they are affordable, beneficial to teachers and students, and convenient. As teachers read, discuss, and complete assignments they are prompted to reflect and evaluate their current practice. Together, a school-based group can determine the best ways to use new knowledge they gain. The experience can enhance face-to-face trainings and meetings at your schools.

Each private booktalk includes:

  • suggested activities for face-to-face sessions during the course of the book talk;
  • suggested next steps for the teachers and instructional leader based on the insights and reflections of your book talk; and
  • a copy of the book talk discussions for the learning team to use in follow-up activities.

We can set up a private book talk for a team of educators any of our currently scheduled sessions.

Private or Currently Scheduled Booktalks

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Our goal is to provide an experience that leads to meaningful professional growth for teachers and groups of educators K-8 who want to grow in their knowledge and practice of math pedagogy and use what they learn to impact the students and teachers in their schools.

Gwendolyn Best earned her M.Ed. in Mathematics Education in 1995, and uses her experience as an online facilitator for University of Phoenix, PBS Teacherline, Virginia Teacherline, and WHRO to help you sharpen your skills as a teacher of mathematics in elementary and middle school classrooms.

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